Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kormaks & Skjaldar

even though i failed making more pictures of stylish reykjavikians in the streets, i found for you the place to go when you're looking for a new favourite shop, suit, tie or anything else a sartorialist gentleman might need. from Herr von Eden-suits to italian shirts, well selected secondhand items to dandyish shoes, a wide selection of classic hats and other gorgeous acessories. Kormaks & Skjaldar is hidden in the basement underneath the Bonus store in Laugavegur (no. 59) it's very worthwhile checking out their myspace-account for some pictures of the shop, until their new website is online, and of course a visit the store when in reykjavik. the two elegant gentlemen beneath are Þorlakur & Guđbrandur working there.


  1. Loving the website! Streetstyle is the shit. Lately i was thinking, why not do it in clubs and stuff, but apparently it's already there. Site's like do it in such a cool way. Maybe cool for you guys as well! March on! x

  2. Thanks for this post.